Checklist for Buying a Manufactured Home

Are you considering a manufactured home purchase? These homes are built according to specialized guidelines set out by the HUD instead of building codes at the desired location, and ensure that all areas of the manufactured homes meet strict guidelines. A big difference between manufactured homes, as opposed to other options, is that they are transported by a vehicle and once at the desired location, the wheels are removed, setting the home in place.

Get our checklist for buying a manufactured home:

Types of Purchase Loans

Conventional Loans

Most popular option. Majority of programs require 5%-20% down payment. Private mortgage insurance may be needed with less than 20% equity.

FHA Financing

Low down payment financing solution. Popular with first time home buyers but may be used by repeat buyers. Also popular cash-out refinancing option.

USDA Loans

Zero down financing program for lower and middle income borrowers looking to purchase property in approved USDA eligible areas.

VA Loans

No money down mortgage programs available to qualifying members of the US Armed Forces, military veterans and surviving spouses.

Reverse Mortgages

The Reverse Mortgage Division works with homeowners and home buyers age 62 and older in the States of North Carolina and South Carolina.

Jumbo Financing

Fixed-rate and adjustable-rate financing solutions for borrowers with loan amounts exceeding today’s conforming loan limits which can vary.

Renovation Loans

Option for borrowers looking to finance the costs of eligible home improvements into their loan amount, an alternative to a home equity loan.

Rental Financing

We work with real estate investors throughout the Carolinas to achieve their rental property financing goals. 1-4 units properties only.